Tbilisi, Georgia – My Metro Experience


Me at the Liberty Metro Station platform


Have you tried riding a Train? or a Metro?

Here in Doha, construction of the 8.4 Billion USD metro network is in full swing, causing traffic, disturbance but the upside is a lot of job opportunities for everyone including the promise of fast, safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly transport system when completed.

We call it in different names such as train, metro, MRT, LRT, monorail, tram or subway. I have been fascinated in riding the “Train or Metro” so where ever I go, if there is one, I will definitely try it and enjoy the experience. I have been to many metro systems in different countries but this one in Georgia fascinates me most.



Freedom Square Station or Tavisuplebis Moedani Station


The Georgian Metro system was constructed during the Soviet Union Era. The station is design with functionality, simplicity and probably least cost in mind. Simple entrance and small station lobby with direct access to the escalator shaft going the platform.

I bought a metromoney card (2 GEL or 3QAR) and loaded it with 3 GEL for my short trip.

I found out that each trip costs 50 tetri (0.50GEL or 0.75 QAR) cheap!!! and wait there’s more… for 50 tetri you can go down anywhere within the train network and you can re-enter for free within 90 minutes and travel. Considering their metro system is 27 km and with 20 stations.





Escalator going to the platform – entry (down), exit (up) and the third as standby (for maintenance)



Freedom Square Station escalator going down to the platform


The most interesting part is that Georgian Metro is one of the deepest metro systems with 16 out 20 stations are deep stations. The deepest is the Rustaveli Metro Station at 60 meters below ground level. Its escalator is 120meters long! YES it is 120 meters longer than the 100meter dash.

So deep that it will take you about 5 to 6 minutes riding the escalator… with out break or landing!  I almost had a panic attack when I am on the escalator. I imagined many things such as if somebody might push me down.. or what if the escalator stops? will I climb up or crawl down? As I go deeper towards the platform I just felt my hand grip on the escalator is becoming tighter.  I just remembered I’m afraid of heights…

Now you imagine how i felt when I exit the metro station….. I am leaning way forward my hand tightly holding on the handrail and trying not to look back…..

I boarded in the Liberty Square Station and got out on RUSTAVELI Station the deepest metro station in Georgia….

They said the deepest metro station in the world in in Kiev Ukraine at 105.5 meters below ground level… ohh my. Have you had the similar experience?



Liberty Square (Freedom Square) escalator now near the platform



Georgia Metromoney Card



Freedom Square Station signage


Freedom Square Station center platform


Freedom Square Station platform southbound


Freedom Square Station platform area


Freedom Square Station platform area northbound


Rustaveli Station platform area – This is the deepest metro station in Georgia with depth 60 meters below ground level


Rustaveli Station escalator – also the longest escalator in the Georgia with length of 120 meters

Tbilisi (Georgia) Street Statues


Rustaveli Avenue

This is the famous Rustaveli Avenue in central Tbilisi – it is named after the famous Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli. I have walked along the Rustaveli Avenue from the famous Freedom Square up to the Rose Revolution Square. While walking thru the the street to find souvenirs and “pasalubong” I observed and enjoyed interesting street art/statue. I don not know the actual names of the statues so I gave them names  – here are some of them.




Freedom Square Monument


“The Trumpet Man”


“The Fat Boy”


“The Drunkard”


“The Beggar”


“The Farmer” placed in front of a famous coffee shop.


Shota Rustaveli Shrine

Tbilisi 5

Me and my friend Shota Rustaveli