How to Transfer your MME Engineering Register to Another Company

MME NewI have been ask on how do you transfer MME Engineering Register to another company many time in this blog but my answer always is ask your PRO. This is because even I change companies a couple of times, I am fortunate that these companies did the transfer for me. However this time I am involved in the transfer process so that I can share it with you all MME Registered Engineers and future MME accredited Engineers here in Qatar.

Here it goes step by step!

Step 1

Your company will fill up MME Form F-ECOP-22 or Amendment of Contact Data Form. Your Company/PRO should have this form. If not visit MME offices and ask for it. It is free.This should contain the following

  • Engineers Information
  • Previous company information and contact data
  • Present company information and contact data
  • Your Signature

MME Form F-ECOC-22

Step 2

Prepare all requirements documents to be submitted with the completed form as follows:

  • Photocopy of your QID
  • Photocopy of your MME ID
  • Original MME ID

Make sure that your QID has been transferred to your new sponsor.

Step 3

Submit documents to MME offices in West Bay. Ground floor back side of the building. MME will receive your documents and will ask you to come back after a week.

Step 4

Come back to MME offices after one week (at the day specified by the desk officer) and take your new MME ID transferred to your new employer. You need present your Original MME ID.

Step 5……. Submit a copy of your MME ID to your new employer and you’re done!

Additional important notes are as follows:

  • Make sure that your QID has been transferred to your new sponsor.
  • Note that MME accepts documents on Tuesday and Thursdays only.
  • No payment required the process is free.
  • You may receive a text message from Baladiya. Arabic text message saying that the transfer has been complete a few days after submission

Very easy and fast process indeed.

reminderPlease note that this blog, including processes and steps discussed herein are written based on actual experience and valid during the time of writing. Again, I always remind everyone that this process might be changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the form and its appearance. This is for guidance only and any issues you might encounter following these steps is at your own.  I, including all other persons names shown in this blog therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise including any negative impact on your transfer process.

PS. I have also a separate blog related to the MME/MMUP Engineering Registration process. Check it out on this link – Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Appeal – A Step by Step Guide, Introduction to Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration – A Step by Step GuideHow to Renew your Qatar MME/MMUP Engineering Registration, Tips to Avoid Penalties on MME Engineering Registration and How to Verify Your Qatar MME (MMUP) Engineer Information – A Step by Step Guide.

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6 thoughts on “How to Transfer your MME Engineering Register to Another Company

  1. Hi Henrik,

    When I received my UPDA certification in July 2018, I received Grade B, even after showing 14 years of experience with all certificates attested. Presently my sponsorship is getting changed and hence I will change the company name on MMUP ID.

    So I would like to know whether it is possible to upgrade also, to Grade A, when I am changing the company name by giving the documents again.



    • Dear Pinto,
      There is no harm in trying. However based on previous experiences, upgrading is only allowed during renewal, but as I have said there is no harm in trying.


  2. Dear Henry

    Thanks alot for your detailing, i have a doubt, my card expires on 27/09/2019, i changed my company in between but didnt transfer, do i need to transfer first and renew or transfer will be done along with renewal?


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