How Cash Your Qatar Airway Terminal Fee Voucher

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are exempted from paying travel tax and terminal fees in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), as per Presidential Decree No. 1183 and Republic Act No. 8042, or the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Act of 1995, as Amended by RA 100022.

Terminal Fee in NAIA is 550 Pesos equivalent to 40 QAR.

terminal-fee-refund-1Normally these are included in the flight ticket price upon booking. We used to refund this terminal fee at special counters in NAIA. Enduring long lines,  documentation issues while others fail to claim due to flight schedule.

Recently these fees are deducted to the ticket price upon booking if you show proof that you are an OFW. But in most cases especially booking ticket online and abroad, there are no option to deduct the terminal fee.

On Qatar Airways (QA) flight, if you paid the terminal fee, you will be directed by the check-in counter staff to their special counter and will be provided by a “voucher”. This voucher looks like a boarding pass so keep it. This “voucher is 500 Pesos worth or 40 QAR.


I have claimed this in Hamad International Airport and these are the instructions to claim:

  1. I claimed my Terminal fee voucher in the QA kiosk near Jamocha coffee shop in front of boarding Gates No. 6.
  2. Approach the staff and show the voucher.
  3. QA staff will ask for identification and process the payment
  4. QA staff will direct you to the cashier to get your 40 QAR equivalent of your 550 Pesos terminal fee. (This is better since this is equivalent to 560 pesos at 14 pesos/QAR rate).
  5. Enjoy your 40 QAR!

Other important notes:

  1. This can be claimed on all Qatar Airways ticketing office and in QA counter in Hamad International Airport departure area.
  2. Only the person named in the voucher can claim
  3. Validity is one year upon issuance
  4. Valid ID required upon claiming.
  5. Do not loose your voucher. This cannot be reissued.

I suggest to claim your terminal fee upon arriving so you will not forget. This is especially recommended to those OFW’s travelling once or ever two years. Keep your voucher next to your passport so if you come to the airport, you can remember and can claim it (This happens to me – I did totally forget it).

If you have other recommendations especially on other countries, please comment below to help our other fellow OFW’s.