How To Accredit Your Philippine University In MME/MMUP List

MME NewFilipino Engineers! Is your school/university not in the list of MME/MMUP?

As I have discussed on my previous post, Qatar is actively implementing the Engineering Registration for all Expats. All Expats with Engineers Visa should be registered in MME/MMUP else they will loose their engineering visa status or worst may loose their job. Many Expat Engineers working in Qatar already have difficulty on the MME submissions and Examination. Other have even more problem such as their school is not on the list of schools/universities by MME/MMUP.  

I will share to you the experience of one of my friend on how to accredit or include your school/university in the famous MME/MMUP list. For my friend and fellow Engineer (name withheld upon request), Thank You for allowing me to blog your experience to help other Engineers in Qatar.

SECStep 1 – Apply for the Engineering Registration

Make an account on MME website and try to apply for the Engineering Registration using other school (The school/university should be either near or similar to your school). Please note that since your school is not on the MME/MMUP list, your application will be rejected. This will enable you to have a request letter from MME/MMUP to Qatar Supreme Education Council (SEC) when your application were rejected.

Step 2 – MME/MMUP Request Letter Generation

In this step you should have already have an MME account, logged in and your application were rejected for the reason that your school/university is not on the MME/MMUP approved list.


The request letter will be accessible when you change the MME/MMUP account to Arabic


Form the selection, click the hardhat icon as shown below:


Then this screen will show:


Click the third row of the table as shown below:


Then this screen will show:


Click the (i), Then you will have this:



Click the bottom line as shown below:


This will generate the MME/MMUP letter request as shown below. This letter should be submitted to the Qatar Supreme Education Council (SEC).



Step 3 – Submission to SEC

When going to SEC, please bring this letter along with the following documents:

  • University Records (Diploma & TOR – with MOFA Stamp)
  • High School Records (with MOFA Stamp)
  • Fill up form from the entrance of SEC office

When you submit to counter, they will take your High school records and will be evaluated for equivalency then once you receive the non-equivalency.

They will require you to make an account to SEC website below:

After completing, you will send an email to your university including the data waiver from NCE website and your university documents and should “cc” the names listed in the waiver from SEC. You should also attach a copy of the MME/MMUP standard university letter request in the email (see sample below) that you have submitted on your initial MME Registration.



Note: This process is case to case since the complaint from SEC that universities in the Philippines are very slow in replying that will cause delay on the process, it is better to continuously follow up your university’s authorized person to reply on the email.

SEC will send questionnaire to your university regarding your data.

In this case, after sending the email to the university (you should follow up on your school because most of the schools in the Philippines are new to this procedure so you should guide them) we tried to contact all the authorized concern persons to reply on the email so that SEC will send questionnaire if they will see that there is a response from the university but SEC did not send any mail so I went to the SEC office to follow up personally. One of the counter staff, helped me. He access my account and scan the MMUP letter to upload to add on my documents. Then they request me to pay then print a paper (like a claim stub written in Arabic) for the University degree equivalency.

The process of sending questionnaire from SEC to the university to access information were not conducted in this case. So you can ask the counter what exact procedure you will undergo because it may be different for you.



Step 4 – Submission to MME/MMUP for School/University Listing

After receiving this letter, you will submit to MMUP as follow:

  • Valid Qatar ID
  • Valid PRC ID
  • Valid Police Clearance
  • University documents
  • SEC letter – University degree equivalency
  • Others – bring your COE documents since they will evaluate minimum 2 years employment

Within that day, they will add your university in the MME/MMUP list and you can now start new application for MME Engineering Register.

This process is conducted for Philippine School/University only. For all other expats, the process and steps may differ or slightly vary. However this shows that it is possible that your university can be listed to the MME/MMUP, if you really need it and persevere.

Please note that this blog, including processes and steps discussed herein are written based on actual experience and valid during the time of writing. Again, I always remind everyone that this process might be changed by MMUP/MME and SEC anytime including the website and it appearance. This is for guidance only and any issues you might encounter following these steps is at your own.  I, including all other persons names shown in this blog therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise including any negative impact on your accreditation process.

PS. I have also a separate blog related to the MME/MMUP Engineering Registration process. Check it out on this link – Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Appeal – A Step by Step Guide, Introduction to Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration – A Step by Step GuideHow to Renew your Qatar MME/MMUP Engineering Registration, Tips to Avoid Penalties on MME Engineering Registration and How to Verify Your Qatar MME (MMUP) Engineer Information – A Step by Step Guide.

Please like, share and follow my blogs. If you have other other tips, recommendation or information that could help our colleagues please put it in the comment below.




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  1. hi. sorry this maybe off topic. my current visa is not an engineer visa. can i apply directly for the MMUP registration? or i have to change first to engineer visa? i have complete attested documents . thanks in advance


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