Are you an ASEAN Engineer?

ASEAN or Association of Southeast Asian Nations is a regional intergovernmental organization comprising ten Southeast Asian countries, which promotes intergovernmental cooperation and facilitates economic, political, security, military, educational, and sociocultural integration among its members and other Asian states. (Wikipedia).

ASEAN was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok by the five original member countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Brunei Darussalam joined on 8 January 1984, Vietnam on 28 July 1995, Laos and Myanmar on 23 July 1997, and Cambodia on 30 April 1999.

AER Logo

If you are an engineer of the ASEAN member countries, you can register to become an ASEAN Engineer (AER) or an ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer.

ASEAN Engineer Register (AER)

AER StampThe objectives of the ASEAN Engineer Register (AER) are as follows:

  1. Bigger market for expertise.
  2. Better employment prospects.
  3. Greater avenue for sharing of knowledge, expertise and technology.
  4. Increased related business potential.
  5. Wider networking and strategic alliances.
  6. More potential for research and development.

ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE)

acpecc Logo

The governments of member countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations have agreed on the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Engineering Services with the following objectives:

  1. To facilitate mobility of engineering service professionals, and
  2. To exchange information in order to promote adoption of best practices on standards and qualifications.

The ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer Coordinating Committee (ACPECC) established as an overseeing body at regional level and comprise of one appointed representative from each Monitoring Committee (MC) of the participating ASEAN Member States. ACPECC have the authority to confer and withdraw the title of ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE).

I encourage all ASEAN member Engineers especially expats to be registered and be recognized in the ASEAN and Global community.

One of my colleague once said,

“You cannot future proof your job, but you can future proof your career” – Sarce Templonuevo

I myself is proud to be both an ASEAN Engineer and an ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer. If you are interested, need to upgrade your career and wanted to be recognized, keep posted. I will have separate blog post on how to become one. Soon!




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