Use of Password as Personal Motivation and Praise

“PASSWORD” is defined as a string of characters used for user authentication to prove identity to gain access to a resource.

Almost everybody who have an cell phone, tablet, computer, other electronic devices, email accounts needs or uses one or more passwords. There are tons of other applications that I or rather we use and requires a password here are some of them;

  • Company intranet, e-mail accounts (I have MS outlook, Gmail, Yahoo accounts)
  • Online banking (I use BPI, BDO, Eastwest, Dohabank)
  • Online job posting accounts such as gulf talent, monster gulf, and tons of ther company career sites.
  • Online shopping accounts such as Amazon, Ali Express, Lazada etc.
  • Social media accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viber, Instagram, Flicker etc.,

All these plus all other accounts uses or requires a password for security. In this present technology driven world almost everything needs a password. Password is actually a part of my work and everyday life.

password-ftrEvery day I go to work before I start working I needed a password to open my computer. Every time my computer screen locked I need a password, and you need to change it according to your company policy. My company requires to change it is once a month. New password every month for 11 months (I removed 1 month since it is my annual leave) I go to work open my computer with an average of about 5 to more than 10 times a day I need to input this password. That is a lot of times and sometimes very confusing. A lot of times I am locked out and our tech guys to the rescue. My old trick is to use one password then add a number at the end. Example Password1, password2, password3…. etc.

But I have read one article on passwords that totally changed me. It is to put the use of your password into a better tool… more than security but to MOTIVATE, INSPIRE yourself or a higher purpose is for PRAISE.

So how do I do it? What good it does for me?

Every month I make a password to either motivate myself, inspire myself, or even to praise God. By using unique character to convey the message. Examples are as follows;

  • H@ppyB1rthd@y2ME
  • Pr@iseULord!
  • Ic@ndoIT
  • WorkH@rder!
  • St@rtsayingIwill!

I believe and I feel that every time I input the password, it conveys the message to me, reminding me on what I should do, or making me to Praise or Pray….. everyday before I start work in the morning…. before I start work in the afternoon, after my coffee break or after my meeting…

The power of repeating your personal Praise, inspirational or motivational message can greatly change your life.

Try it…..It helped me, still helping me up to now… hope it helps you too….







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