Tips to Avoid Penalties on MME Engineering Registration

My recent blog on How to Renew your Qatar MME/MMUP Engineering Registration provides the step by step procedure in renewing your engineering registration. There are Blog comments and stories of some Engineers that encounters registration difficulties and issues and even having HUGE FINES!.

Fine2MME has been improving and making the Engineering Registration process very easy as long as you have the complete documents. However if you make even a minor mistake can jeopardize your renewal and may lead to fines.

The fine for late registration is 1,000 QAR per month. So if your registration is delayed by 5 months, you will pay 5,000 QAR!!!.

If you make even a minor mistake can jeopardize your renewal and may lead to fines.

The following are tips and suggestions to avoid fines/penalties in renewing your MME Engineering Registration.

  • Renew Early – MME registration can be renewed 1 month in advance. If you encounter any issues, you have more time to address and resolve it.
  • Complete Documents – the documents should be complete and clear scanned copies. Incomplete and unclear copies of documents is cause of rejection.
  • Document File Size – MME has a maximum file size requirement. If your file size exceeds this, the system will not accept this. Keep your document file size at a minimum however it should be clear and legible.
  • Check MME Text Message – Always check and look out for the text message from MME. My text notification shows the sender is “BALADIYA”.
  • Rejected Enrollment – Check at once the cause of rejection and resolve. You should again do same procedure for renewal as soon as possible.
  • Screen Shot of Application Status- This is a recommendation from my friend. Screen shot your application status (and save) each time you visit the MME site. The story is that the MME text message shows the registration have issues. However checking online it shows that the application is still in process. He checks this status every two weeks for four months and eventually he went to MME to follow up. MME then update the system and rejected the registration so that he can re-apply. Upon approval of the new registration as he go to MME and pay for the ID, He is shocked that he has 4,000 QAR fine due to late registration. To make the story short, the Screen Shot of Application Status he made each time he check saves him and became proof that it is not his fault.
  • Cartoon phoneFollow up MME – as above, if your application is in process for a long time, visit MME for clarification so that you can determine and resolve the issue as soon as possible. There is no harm on following up applications if it takes some time to approve. Usually,  the renewal application is approved next day or within a week if the renewal have no issues.
  • Ask/Call Somebody – ask your colleagues, friends, professional association or any one that can possibly help you or point you to somebody who can.
  • Read My Blog – my blogs on MME registration can help you. Read and share.


These are some of many more tips and recommendations to avoid penalties and fines compiled from the comments, questions and actual stories from several sources. Again, please note that this process might changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the fine/penalty fees. This is for guidance only and any issues you might encounter following these tips and recommendation is intended to reduce risk of penalties.  I do not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise including any negative impact on your Engineering Registration renewal.

Anyone can re-blog this and share. If you have other other tips, recommendation or information that could help our colleagues please put it in the comment below.

PS. I have also a separate blog on the MME/MMUP Engineering Registration and appeal process. Check it out on this link – Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Appeal – A Step by Step Guide, Introduction to Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration – A Step by Step Guide and How to Renew your Qatar MME/MMUP Engineering Registration.

Hope this helps. Cheers!




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