A Night at the Museum

FireStation MuseumHave you been in a Museum in Qatar? If yes, I bet it is the Museum of Islamic Arts…. It is indeed magnificent…. But did you know that there is a new museum where there are resident artists who showcase their works? It is The Fire Station Museum which is managed by the Qatar Museum Authority.

“The Fire Station Artist in Residence is a new hub in the city for creative exchange. Housed in the recently refurbished Civil Defense building, this is the perfect space for emerging talent and creative networks to flourish”


QMAQatar is actively and is heavily investing on Museums. Qatar Museum Authority is the lead body who manages museums, galleries,  public arts and cultural heritage sites in Qatar. The vision is to develop, promote and sustain the cultural sector at the highest standards.

The Fire Station Museum currently showcases the 2016-2017 Artists in Residence with theme “UNFOLDING CREATIVE METHODS”. The exhibition is truly great! I am amazed at the displays of art, sculptures, paintings, art shadows, lights and many more.




and of course the Museum itself…

Have you been to the Fire Station Museum? If not… I suggest you visit at once… Open 7 days a week and entrance is free. Location is on the corner of Mohammed Bin Thani St. and Al Istiqal St. (previously Civil Defense R/A).


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