Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Appeal – A Step by Step Guide

downloadFollowing my previous blog in 2016 regarding the Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Renewal and Upgrade, there are a lot of questions regarding application for an appeal for re-test and category/grade issues.

This step by step process was provided by the Past President of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Qatar Chapter Engineer Ronaldo Nilo. Thank you sir and I hope that this would help all other engineers that will read this blog.

Please note that this process might changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the website including its appearance.

MMUP/MME Appeal Procedures

MME/MMUP website link – MME Arabic Site

At the moment, (unfortunately for non-Arabic) the appeal is in Arabic format only. Please note that you should use the MMUP/MME Arabic website. The Appeal will not be shown on English Website. It is suggested to ask help from your Arabic PRO or colleague.

Step 1

Log on to MMUP/MME website using our Hokoomi account.

MME Log In Arabic

Hukomi Log in

Step 2

After logging on your MMUP/MME account, you will be directed to the Arabic site. If you are on English site click on “AR” initials on the website header (near the globe). Click on the “hard hat” as shown.


Step 3

You will see the next page as shown below. Click on the last option.


Step 4

After step 2, you will see the next page as shown below. Click the highlighted option.


Step 5

On to the next page, click the marked option.


Step 6

On to the next page, click the marked option.


Step 7

Then you will be directed to this page where you can choose which appeal you would want to apply for. First option is for those who fail the exam, 2nd is category or grade, 3rd is specialization and last is others. If you are appealing for upgrading, choose the 2nd option…After choosing the option, you can upload any supporting documents you have like certificates, IDs etc. Then on the box below, copy and paste your appeal letter. Prepare your letter first in English. Then translate to arabic using google. You can do it by paragraph. Do it yourself first then have it finalized by your arabic translator. Once finalized, just copy and paste to the box.


In Step 7 the choices and a bit of explanation are as follows:

  1. Fail Exam – this is to reapply for another exam if you fail a recent examination
  2. Category – this is to appeal for change of category or grade. This is when you are given a Trainee or grade C but you deserve a grade B or A.
  3. Specialization – this is very seldom used but in-case you are given Electrical Engineer certificate but you are a Civil Engineer.
  4. Others – Other issues that is not covered above.

From here on you should have your Arabic PRO or Colleague with you as you need to prepare statement in Arabic.

Step 8

After clicking submit in step 6, you should see this page confirming that your appeal has been registered and appeal request number will be shown. I suggest you print this page for your future reference another option is screen capture (Ctrl+PrtScn).


Step 9

Wait for the text message informing you of the schedule of interview.

Step 10


I believe MMUP/MME are exerting their efforts to have this in other languages also. The Application and renewal already have an English version. Hopefully the English version for the appeal should be out soon.

Other valuable pointers, information and need to know regarding the MMUP/MME appeal provided by PICE Qatar Engineers below;


Again, please note that this process might changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the website and it appearance. This is for guidance only and any issues you might encounter following these steps is at your own.  I including PICE, PICE Qatar and other persons names shown in this blog therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise including any negative impact on your application.

Anyone can re-blog this and share. If you have other information that could help our colleagues please put it in the comment below.




7 thoughts on “Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Appeal – A Step by Step Guide

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  2. HI I appealed online on 18th April 2017 1pm.

    I came to know that I will be receiving a message from Appeal committee. My registered mobile is activated only on 19th April 8am , so I am not sure whether they send message before that.

    As of now I did not receive any message. usually when they will send message upon appeal registration ??

    If I did not receive message then what I should I do further??

    How I will no the Appeal status???



    • Dear Suresh,

      I believe you can see the appeal status on-line. Log on to your MME – Hukoomi account and check the status. You can also go to MME offices and ask.



  3. Hi.
    Thanks for this blog. I have recently passed the examination. The engineer in the releasing has informed me that I could have gotten Grade A if previous experience certificates were considered (7 years in Philippines ). I spoke to the lady engineer who is doing the verification of certificates and I asked why those authenticated certificates were not considered. She said company stamp is required on previous employment certificates. I am going for a short vacation and i can find time to chase my previous employers for the stamp and submit an appeal within 30 days after passing the exam.

    My question is, have they ever accepted (or will accept) any experience certificates in the Philippines.

    thank for you reply.



    • Dear Leo,
      I believe they are accepting certificates form the Philippines. As the lady engineer in MMUP said to you, if it is stamped, you should have an A. In my experience, my certificates were accepted since during my MMUP application last 2011 I only have 3 years GCC/Overseas experience.
      For the appeal, If in case you got a stamped and authenticated work certificate in the Philippines and submit it to MMUP, It is really in the MMUP reviewers hands. They might or might not accept it. However I suggest you go and try.
      Good luck


  4. Hi,

    My application is rejected three times. Baladiya asked me to bring Degree Equivalence certificate. I have submitted all the documents previously. i have done my degree in Electronics & communication.
    Can anybody help me to get equivalence? From where i will get the certificate. My university is already registered in UPDA list.


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