Introduction to Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration – A Step by Step Guide

MME NewThis is an update of my previous blog in 2016 regarding the Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Renewal and Upgrade, there are a lot of questions regarding the application process as follows;

  • New Application
  • Renewal
  • Renewal and Upgrade
  • Re-enrollment

This is an introduction to the step by step process on how to apply, renew and upgrade your MME Engineering Registration. It has been asked many times on may platforms such as FB, Viber, Qatarliving and many others and I hope that this would help all other engineers that will read this blog.

Please note that this is an introduction only. I cannot complete the process till the end since my MMUP/MME Engineering Certificate is still active until October 2018.

Currently the engineers classification are changed as follows:

  • Trainee
  • Grade C
  • Grade B
  • Grade A
  • Expert ???

Previously all applications are done through the Arabic website only, now the application, renewal and upgrade already have an English version. I believe MMUP/MME are exerting their efforts to have this in other languages also.

Please note that this process might changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the website including its appearance.

MMUP/MME Application Procedures

MME/MMUP English version website link –

Step 1

Log on to MMUP/MME website using our Hukoomi account.

MME Log In English

Hukomi Log in

Step 2

After logging on your MMUP/MME account, should be directed into MMUP/MME English version of website. Click on the “hard hat” as shown.


Step 3

Then click on the “Registration and follow-up of Applications” box


Step 4

Then click on the “Apply” box shown below


Step 5

In this page the option are all shown. Each has its own explanation below.


Step 6

Beyond this I do not more information. I will ask help on my engineer friends and previous colleagues so that I can complete each of the items above.

Again, please note that this process might changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the website and it appearance. This is for guidance only and any issues you might encounter following these steps is at your own.  I including PICE, PICE Qatar and other persons names shown in this blog therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which arise including any negative impact on your application.

PS. I have also a separate blog on the MMUP Engineering Registration appeal process. Check it out on this link – Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration Appeal – A Step by Step Guide.

If you have other useful information and insights, I will gladly include them in the comments  below. Please feel free to complete the next steps you have information and/or have done the process to help others in need. Anyone can re-blog this and share.




29 thoughts on “Introduction to Qatar-MMUP Engineering Registration – A Step by Step Guide

  1. Hi Sir,

    I am an underboard and applied for UPDA exam last 2010. I submitted all my documents, obviously without PRC License ( I guess they are not strict during that time) and luckily they accepted my documents and eventually passed the exam. I renewed the license twice already using manual procedure.

    Now I am about to renew the License in the coming months. Is PRC license required in online renewal? Will I be able to renew the license even I do not have PRC License?



  2. Hi,

    I want to renew and upgrade my MMUP registration through online.

    I followed the steps as suggested and prior to uploading of documents there are terms and condition “Committee’s requirements for accreditation” which has to be complied.

    For the Category: Certificates of experience issued within the State of Qatar – it states that
    1. The duration of the Engineer’s work in consulting companies shall not be calculated after 01/06/2011.
    2. The duration of the Engineer’s work in the contracting companies shall not be calculated after 01/01/2014.

    My MMUP certificate was dated June 2013 which has a total experience of 9 years at the time of accreditation and since then I have added 3 more years of experience.

    Can I use my latest experience to upgrade?
    Or I will end up just renewing?
    What is the process to upgrade on later stage after renewing?




    • Dear Imran,

      Apologies for the delayed response, I am also confused on the recent changes in MMUP/MME rules. What I suggest is to try and apply. Go for it and be regitered.



  3. Sir I want to renew my MMUP card, I have changed my employer in qatar do I need to attest my experience certificate of previous employer in qatar, if attestation is required from where should I get the attestaion done? (what is the procedure)


  4. Dear sir , I am holding MMUP grade A certificate, I have Been terminated from my job and I am going on final exit to my country, my MMUP card will expire in feb, if I come back after one year or 2 years will I be able to renew my card, do I have to give exam, what is the procedure please for renewal.


  5. sir, there is a piece of paper they will give you if you want to re-appeal and retake the exam, question is where in the site that needs to upload this paper


  6. Hi Sir. I have changed my employer recently and I want to amend my MMUP ID card to reflect the name of my new employer. Kindly assist me the procedures in MMUP website how to amend the name of my employer, as I believe it is only available in Arabic language. Thank you in advance!


    • Dear Jonhel,

      Your company should do that. It should be the companys PRO that will process that. This happens for me and my other friends.

      try to talk to your employer and PRO.

      Best regards,


  7. hi dear,

    in log in option it is not showing new user login.
    how to log in for new user as i want to upgrade my UPDA.
    Please suggest me.


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  12. Hi Mr.Henrik,

    I have MMUP card as a trainee (without experience). so now i have 4 years experience in my current company. i can take employment certificate from my current company and can i apply for upgrade my grade (trainee to Grade C)?


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