Food Trip Blog-A-Thon – Rogers Diners

RogersContinuing my Blog-A-Thon series, the next restaurant is the Rogers Diner.  Rogers Diner is an American Restaurant in Doha located along C-Ring Road, Al Sadd Area. The restaurant’s tagline line really elevates your senses.

I am not a regular customer of Rogers Diner but I do visit the place since 2011.  I really love the place, the ambiance especially the plane concept inside the store.

♥️ Restaurant setup and ambiance is amazing! I love the rotating propeller and the overall store concept. Food is great! and staffs are helpful. Price is Ok especially if you are using an Entertainer or Mybook.

❌ Traffic and parking has been removed and replaced by valet parking.



Roasted Chicken Drumstick and Panko Fried Fish Fillet is highly recommended!

Have you tried Rogers Diner? If you love American Food this definitely a must try!

PS: Their salads are fantastic and they also deliver!


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