Solar Power – This One for the Environment

Pollution, climate change, global warming, greenhouse gasses….. This environmental issues are harmful effects of human activity on the biophysical environment. It has been said that the environment destruction caused by humans is a global problem, and this is a problem that is on going every day. By year 2050, the global human population is expected to become 9.6 billion people from about 7 billion today. That’s a lot of humans lets just imagine what the world will be if we do not do something….. TODAY!

I have been an advocate of environmental protection…. I recycle, reuse and reduce my household wastes in some simple ways such as reducing use of plastic bags, reusing plastic bags, etc…

Back to this post, this time I am going green by installing solar panels for my home back in the Philippines. This means from around 7:00 in the morning up to 5:00 in the afternoon, our home is powered by the sun. At night, when the sun in the other part of the world, the normal Meralco power kicks in.

This is a big decision for me and my family because the investment cost is high and we should be aware of the returns. These are the returns we expect and would like to share to all of you:

  • Going green – we all know that solar energy is renewable energy and this will have positive impact to our environment
  • Reducing carbon emissions – solar energy will reduce our dependency to oil and gas.
  • More Sun – Philippines is one of the sunniest countries and solar power is very viable.
  • Reduce electricity (Meralco) cost
  • The solar panels have 10 years warranty and its expected useful life is more than 20 years. At 20 years old it has been studied that the panels will still produce 92% of its original power generation.
  • Capable of “Net Metering”

Net Metering

So you are now asking how much will it cost to have your own Solar System?

Before I answer this question is you should know what size of solar system do you need. Because the price is dependent size of solar system installation. This answers your question…. My solar installer provided to me the following simple rule of thumb:

  • If your electricity bill is less than 1,000 pesos you might not need a solar system since you possible cannot recover your investment cost. Unless you really love the environment…. why not poknat! Go!
  • If your electricity bill is less than 5,000 pesos, you need a 2.2kW solar system. This what usually a normal household is installing. If you are an OFW you can afford this.
  • If your electricity bill is less than 8,000 pesos, you need a 3.2kW solar system. This what I installed in hour home.
  • If your electricity bill is more than 8,000 pesos, you need a 5.4kW solar system or more. This for big houses and businesses. A lot of business already are installing solar systems…. SM Malls, Central Mall, Robinson’s Mall, Robinsons Land, Powerplant Mall, BPI Banks, BDO banks, etc.
SM North Edsa Solar

SM North EDSA Solar Panel Installation

I would like to thank SolarSet for my solar system installations. They really are one of the most professional and passionate people who will help you on you solar needs and give a little back to the environment. If you like some more readings and further information on home solar systems installation click here.

If you like me to know more about this or you are very interested for a Solar System for your home or businesses in the Philippines, you can contact me by commenting on this post or email me at




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