Food Trip Blog-A-Thon – Ramen Nagi

Continuing this series of food blogs, as I am vacationing in the Philippines, food and eating out is a must! 

Family Dinner has been very special every time I go home. We always look for new restaurants or restaurants that we never try before. Philippines has millions of restaurants to choose from!

Ramen Nagi is a Japanese Restaurant specializing in Ramen! Located in UP Uptown Mall the restaurant boasts its award winning ramen. 

♥️ Restaurant setup and ambiance is great! Ramen is amazing! the taste is unique and staffs are helpful. 

❌ Traffic and parking is normal in the Philippines. Price range is in medium range for Philippine Restaurants.

Dining area, i love the table and the flags!

Japanese food galore!

This is the award winning Butao King! The soup tastes like having the Balut soup but in big bowls. It tastes better with mild spice! 

Red King looks very intimidating and is spicy! The Spicy hot soup base is very interesting! 

Have you tried Ramen Nagi? If you love Ramens and noodles this definetly a must try!

PS: Ramen Nagi’s policy is no take out on all soup/ramen menu.


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