Food Trip Blog-A-Thon Olive Oil

Another installment of my Food Trip series – All you can eat dinner at Olive Oil Oryx Rotana City Center… Yes EAT ALL YOU CAN!!! 

Gathering with the pinoy mafia, great friends over super delicious dinner catching up. 

♥️ Very good ambiance, great service, unlimited food, food selection is crazy! Located in west bay Oryx Rotana Hotel, booze available. Free valet parking available. Non alcoholic drinks are included in the basic package.

❌ I cannot really say anything but too much food will get you fat. Dinner closes at 10:00PM 😵.

Olive Oil Oryx Rotana is a Meditteranian inspired restaurant.

Buffet table! Wide variet, good selection of food for everyone!

Roast Beef!!! My Favorite

Of course dessert! There is alwas a space for dessert!

The Pinoy Mafia

View of the Dining Area

Have you been in Olive Oil? I suggest you try it yourself better with friends!

PS. Olive Oil is part of the entertainer buy one get one offer. All you can eat dinner is 119 QAR plus the enterainer you and your friend wil pay 60QAR each… not bad! Better than eating at Fridays. 


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