Food Trip Blog-A-Thon Max’s Restaurant

As I am preparing for my vacation in my beloved country, in this series of Food Trip, I will share to you my experience in Filipino Restaurant called Max’s Fried Chicken Restaurant. 

♥️ Highly recommended if you would like to try Filipino food, there are 2 branches in Doha, staffs are a gem, fresh food every time.

❌ This is Filipino food nothing to write here😄 but parking might be an issue during peak hours.

Max’s is a traditional Filipino Restaurant started way back in 1960. The tag line is the “House that the Fried Chicken Built”

Starters-Lumpiang Sariwa, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicken Wings

Recommended-Traditional Soup selection of either Shrimp, Milk Fish or Salmon Head

Crispy Milk Fish Belley with sauce

Of Course the house specialty – Max’s Fried Chicken!

I totally love this dessert so I finished it before I took a picture

Dessert! Everybody love it. Max’s also have variety of bakery products like cakes.

My favorite lunch meal – complete with drinks and dessert for 29QAR only.

If you are looking for an excellent Filipino Restaurant try Max’s! 

PS They also cater for all occations.  Talk to any staff for more information.


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