Food Trip Blog-A-Thon – GAD Restaurant

This is already the third installment of my Food Trip Blog-A-Thon… Wow I am on a roll…. If you like to read the earlier editions, just click here – Tofu House or Ocean Basket.

Earlier today as I am driving with friends along Matar Qadeem Area looking for a good place to eat, we passed by this restaurant and I recalled how great is their shawarma and sandwiches. So we decided that this is it our dinner place!!!

My colleagues always buy shawarma and all sorts of sandwiches in GAD. I do not know the meaning but it feels like the name is missing something like it is very short and straight. I suggest they put in some background to the restaurant why it is named as such. Anyway I know it is famous and people are flocking the restaurant.

GAD – Located in the very busy and lively Matar Qadeem area, Egyptian restaurant, and its specialty is Egyptian – Arabic food (Egyptian=Arabic yes!). I do fancy Arabic food! Yay!

  This restaurant is the pride of the Egyptians, I heard it has several branches, with plenty if dining spaces (with special private place with curtains).

  Parking is a challenge, traffic in Matar Qadeem is a fact, a bit of issue in ordering due to language barrier, staff is not so much attentive and accommodating and I think they have to replace most of their plates.


This is my Lamb Chops… please don’t burn my chops….

My Lamb Chops is over cooked.. I love lamb chops… even it is burned I will always eat it 🙂


Grilled Chicken… Too much grilled…


Some kind of Fried Chicken….. still gonna eat my burned Lamb Chops…


Some sort of Rice with Tomato soup… Filipinos Love Rice!!!


A view of the Private Dining Room

I like GAD’s shawarma and sandwiches maybe next time I will just order shawarma and sandwiches….. Their pizza looks good and I heard it taste good also.

Have you been to GAD restaurant? If you fancy Egyptian Food and some burned grills this is the place!

PS: They say GAD’s cheese sticks are very good – well it was not suggested by the staff I would have ordered it for appetizer.







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