Food Trip Blog-A-Thon – Tofu House

This Food Trip Blog-A-Thon has been in my mind for along time. The aim is to make a short blog about my dining escapades. Hopefully this should be the first of many.

I am very fascinated of food …. as long as its edible or a delicacy I would definitely try it. Whatever you call it – restaurant, diner, kitchen, bars, turo-turo (point-point?), bistro, eatery,  hawker stalls, etc., as long as it sells food I dig it!

Tofu House – The place is very near to our flat, coming to and from my favorite barber shop, remittance center or grocery shop, I always pass by and observe lots of people coming in and out of the place. What the hell I can eat tofu…. Its good for the health! But whalaaaaa it only have a few tofu menu…. It is a Korean Restaurant 🙂 Thank goodness!

  Highly recommended especially if you like spicy food, delicious menu, fits your budget, serving portion is Ok.

  Parking is a bit of a challenge, very busy during weekends, place is a bit cramped especially on weekends, the main dining is upstairs no elevator.

Tofu House Specialty – Korean Food (Korean restaurant right?), Location is in Bin Mahmoud along Al Jazeera St. In front of Indian Hypermarket.

These are the freebees with matching soup.


Must try my favorite – Jjambbong (Warning very Spicy)


Another Favorite – Seafood Pancake

Here’s the menu for reference. There are also new additions on the menu posted on the restaurant wall and tables.


Have you been in Tofu House? If you fancy Asian food especially Korean, this is the place.

PS: You can meet Koreans there 🙂 You might see Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun there.




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