A Day in the Mall of Qatar

December 10, 2016… on this day, the biggest and grandest mall in Qatar opened – The Mall of Qatar (MoQ).

Even if it is located 20km east of Doha, thousands of people visited on its opening day. A bit of confusion on the parking area but it has plenty of parking space both open and basement parking.

Below are some of the facts and figures about the MoQ.

  • Qatar’s largest mall
  • Located in Al Rayyan Area, 20km east of Doha
  • It has an equivalent size of 50 football pitches with over 500 internationally knowned stores and restaurants
  • Beside the Al Rayyan Stadium (Ahmed bin Ali Stadium), a host stadium in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
  • Has dedicated metro station connected to the mall – The Al Rayyan Station (under construction)
  • It has an integrated Hotel
  • Novo Cinemas are present
  • and my favorite – the mall-wide live entertainment and the first professional live theater in a mall in the world with 360 degree acts and shows performed on the multi-lift rotating Festival Stage with theatrical sound and lighting.

Even with thousands of people, I enjoyed my afternoon especially the “Oasis” central part of the mall.


The Oasis

Some of my favorite restaurants in Dubai, UAE has or will open its store in MOQ.


Of course my favorite stores and restaurants in Doha are ever present.


I also noticed the first ever Under Armour specialized store in Doha.


Here are some Tips and notes that I would like to share to you for a better MoQ experience:

  • Parking – Try the basement parking look for the Purple, Pink and Yellow areas these are areas that is less parked
  • Exiting and going back to Doha – The mall has a dedicated connection to the Dukhan Expressway. The exit connection area is located in the yellow parking side of the Mall. Try it and the drive to home to Doha will be a breeze.
  • There will be a dedicated Metro Station and connected to the MoQ. When this happens going to the mall will be much cheaper and faster and no more parking problems
  • Visit early or during weekdays – the mall are virtually empty during weekdays
  • Try the new restaurants – they are fabulous especially the Texas Roadhouse, and Uno.
  • Watch movies on the Novo cinemas – fresh, new and state of the art facilities.
  • Watch the central fountains – they are gorgeous.

The MoQ is a great addition to the ever growing commercial, entertainment and tourism sector of Qatar. I am looking forward to many more MoQ visits and shopping experience.

Have you visited the Mall of Qatar? Please share your experiences and tips to enjoy everyone’s visit to the mall.


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Mall of Qatar

    • The mall itself is unique…. It lies in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by mega construction sites such as a major expressway project, FIFA Stadium, Doha Metro and some final works for the Mall itself. Another thing is that if you made a wrong turn you might end up to the Qatar National Guard/Army Camp.

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