September to Remember

It is the end of the month of September and if you fly Cebu Pacific, this is also the airline theme for the month. Every CEB flights always have a mini game wherein the airline flight staff will ask for two to three questions and if you are the first passenger to raise your hands and answer the questions correctly you will have a gift from CEB.

I did 3 CEB flights this month of September so I already memorized the questions and answers. That is MNL-CEB-MNL (Family Vacation- hopefully a blog coming) and MNL-DOH. So if you will fly with Cebu Pacific this September and want to have a small token from Cebu Pacific, ready your hand and answer one of this 3 possible questions:

1. What is the birthstone for the Month of September?

2. What are the zodiac signs of the month of September?

3. How many letters are there in September?

Very simple isn’t it? I did answer a question in 2 out of my 3 CEB flights 😄 plus the enjoyable and most exciting vacation we had during my trip to the Philippines and Cebu.  Truly it is a September to remember! Do you know the answers? Question 2 and 3 is a give away with a little difficulty on question 1 (actually I did not know the answer at first). Answers is listed below:



1. Sapphire….

2. Virgo or Libra

3. Nine (9) letters

Did you win any token from your CEB flights? I would like to hear them on comments below.



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