Armenia Metro (Train) Experince

arme1I have been fascinated by Trains… we can call it Metro, Tram, monorail, Mass transit etc., and every time I visited a country I always look and ride the local train… I like to check it out and feel the experience of being with the locals.

I recently visited the great country of Armenia.  Armenia is located Western Asia – in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. The first Christian nation and home of hundreds of centuries old Castles, Churches and Monasteries.

Like most Soviet era Metros, The Yerevan Metro is designed and built with functionality, simplicity and probably least cost in mind. Same with the other Soviet era metro systems that I have visited, it has simple entrance and small station lobby with direct access to the escalator shaft going the platform. It has been said that the metro was launched in 1981 and like the Georgia Metro, its stations are very deep (20-70 meters underground) and intricately decorated with national motifs. The metro runs on a 13.4 km line and currently serves 10 active stations.

In this part of the world, the station guards are a bit strict and does not allow a tourist to take pictures inside the station. I have to secretly take some with very little success. The guard acually followed me up to the station concourse looking very carefully at me.


Yerevan Metro Coins

Fare is very cheap! each ride costs 100 dram or 0.75 Riyals (around 10 Pesos) There are no ticket but plastic coins that you insert on the entrance counters similar to Philippines LRT/MRT but we use metal coins.

I am looking forward to my another train experince.. hopefully soon! Have you also experienced to ride with the Armenian Metro?



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