Simbang Gabi (Night Mass) sa Doha


Pinoy Christmas Delicacies on Sale

Sunday is my worship day, I go to Church  for the 7:00PM Mass, but last Sunday (December 20, 2015) I was caught by the traffic and arrived at the Our Lady of the Rosary Church very late. The huge parking space were full, it took me several rounds before I can get one. I even thought of getting back home since I am very late for the Mass. But I decided that even the Mass is over I would come to the Church to Pray.

I noticed that even it is late many people are still arriving… A whole lot of them… I approached one Kabayan and ask if there is another Mass. He told me that there is a “Simbang Gabi” (Night Mass). Simbang Gabi is a devotional nine-day series of Masses practiced by Filipinos. It begins on December 16 and ends on December 24.  It is believed that if a devotee completed all the nine days of the Simbang Gabi, a request made may be granted.

As I enter the Church I saw huge crowd inside the compound including food vendors. FOOD galore!!! Many Pinoy Christmas delicacies I crave for (except pork products) are on sale!!! Pansit, Barbeque, Ginataan, Sopas, Goto, Lugaw, Taho and many kinds of bibingka and puto especially the Puto bumbong is are available. I quickly bought and ate a couple Barbeque and a Taho before entering the Church.


The Carolers with Father Rally

The Church is full, as I enter I heard Christmas songs were sung by a Choir in front – It is called “carolling” Christmas songs in different Philippine dialects were presented and they were great to hear.

A Filipino visiting Priest from Lipa Batangas, officiated the Mass.

After the Mass I managed to grab a pack of Suman (rice cake wrapped in banana leaves) and a Biko (sweet glutinous rice cake) with leche flan topping.

I really enjoyed the experience – I am full both by body and Spirit. Thank you Lord. I would come back for more.

Take out

My Suman and Biko

Have you been to the Simbang Gabi in Qatar? If you enjoyed it, I would recommend you experience “Simbang Gabi” in the Philippines!!!


Nativity inside the Church


Christmas Tree


Last remaining Food for sale


Ube Roll and Brazo de Mercedes at 50QAR each


Pansit Palabok


Church Grounds


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