Tips to survive Cebu Pacific budget flight – Doha(Qatar) – Manila

Cebu pacific international flight has great impact on how Pinoys (EveryJuan in thier term) travel. It opened the gateway for many Filipinos to travel by air especially outside the country. This Blog is part/related to my other Blog – DOH-MLA-DOH Budget Airline Experience.

One of their latest route is Manila-Doha (Qatar) which is great since I work in Qatar (I am an OFW by the way and I will talk about it later). The route just opened last June 2015 incidentally opened on the month of the Philippines Independence Day. It is indeed indepedence to very high ticket price of major airlines.

Since it is very new most of the Pinoys in Qatar and other Pinoys on the way to Qatar for visit, work, or pleasure (good luck for the pleasure part), everybody is asking if they can arrive in one piece, alive and well in Philippines on a budget, long haul, nine (9) hour flight from Doha to Manila. Since there is an urgent requirement for me to return to the Philippines on short notice and the fares availabe is exorbitantly high, I tried the Cebu Pacific flight which almost half the price of the lowest major airline fare.

Based on my experience, here are my Tips to Survive cheap, budget, nonstop, long haul, 9 hour flight.

  • Be on time or ahead of time – budget airlines are very strick on check in timings late is not allowed, most of cheap tickets cannot be rebooked or if it an be rebooked you will have to pay almost the same price of your return ticket.
  • Travel light and or stick to your baggage allowance since each extra kilo in excess cost 80QAR more expensive than the lotion or shampoo or other pasalubong in your bag.
  • Bring empty bottle in your bag and when you are already awaiting boarding, refill the bottle in many drinking fountain in the airport. One bottle of water cost 50pesos or 5qar
  • Bring pesos – it is cheaper to buy on the plane using pesos since convertion rate of peso to Riyal on the plane is 1 QAR = 10 Pesos. It means if you buy a hot rice meal cost 500 Pesos you will pay 50QAR equivalent. So if you pay 50 QAR you actially pay 600+QAR in present exchange rate – Lugi ka! Take note that they accept almost all currencies such as dollar, dirhams, riyal, pounds etc. but you should expect low exchange rate. Better use peso.
  • Bring jacket and blanket – airports of doha and other middle east countries are cold same as in the airplane…. It is very cold believe me…. If you are cold and you do not have a blanket dont worry they sell “Souvenier Blanket” on the plane…. I repeat…. They SELL!!! Each beautiful and colorful blanket cost only 350 Pesos or 35QAR. So if you don want to buy the “Souvenir Blanket”, bring you own blanket.
  • Bring a small pillow or a neck pillow if you like since they dont have pillows on the plane. Fortunately they also sell “Souvenir Neck Pillow” on the plane. I forgot the price.
  • Eat your hot rice meal at once – if you booked your flight with meal or you bought it on the plane…. Please eat it at once while it is hot…. for me the taste of the rice meal goes from “OK” to “not edible” when it gets cold.
  • You can bring your own baon on the plane… It is ok as long as it is not messy… I dont suggest to bring steamed or spicy crab meal, Sinigang na Hipon or Nilagang Baka… You know what I mean…
  • Load up your expensive smart phone and or tablets with music, movies and or reading material… There are no entertainment system on the plane (In the case of my flight other flight might have one but with additional cost).
  • Bring along an external batteries, power banks, or power packs whatever they call it… your gadgets might run out of juice for a 9 hour flight.
  • And lastly bring your own toiletries – paper towels,hand wash and water are available plus using the toilet is free but you dont expect that there are toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shave or extra female napkins on the plane…

These are my Tips and if anyone has more, kindly post it to the comments below. Hope this help you to survive the trip or maybe enjoy it!

Click this Link to check out my DOH-MLA-DOH Budget Airlines Experince Blog.


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