DOH-MLA-DOH Budget Airline Experience

Cebu pacific international flight has great impact on how Pinoys (every Juan in thier term) travel. It opened the gateway for many Filipinos to travel by air especially outside the country. This Blog is part/related to my other Blog -Tips to survive Cebu Pacific budget flight – Doha(Qatar) – Manila.

One of their latest route is Manila-Doha (Qatar) which is great since I work in Qatar (I am an OFW by the way and I will talk about it later). The route just opened last June 2015 incidentally opened on the month of the Philippines Independence Day. It is indeed independence to very high ticket price of major airlines.

I have tried Cebu Pacific DOH-MNL_DOH flight more than once and I am booked for another one. I now become a suki of Cebu Pacific not because I am a stock owner but I find it cheap, convenient, and fast…. I have been a fan of cheap flights since I really love to travel. I just need to find time and sipag to write about it. I give you the pros and cons of cheap flights.

Good Reason why we travel on budget airline:

  • Direct Flight – there are no stop over and long waits
  • Support Philippine Economy – patronizing Filipino owned airline supports our economy
  • You have control on your check-in luggage – if you have no luggage your ticket will be cheaper
  • You have control on what you eat on the plane – You dont need to eat all the airline meals. Sometimes you just forced to eat since it is free which affects your diet…. Kung meron
  • Cheap – there are promo one way ticket as low as 200QAR and even you buy at normal rate it still lower that the other major airline is offering.
  • Cheap
  • Cheap
  • Cheap

Downside of Travelling on Budget Airline:

  • Super cheap tickets are usually non refundable, non transferable, etc.
  • No free food even water for drinking – you need to buy.
  • No free blanket – it is very cold inside the plane. You need to buy if you are cold.
  • No free personal hygene such as toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, razor, etc.
  • Less crew to help you
  • No TV, video, movie, games, music, charging socket on your chair.
  • No daily flights – at the moment Cebu Pacific flights is only 3 times a week. Hopefully its flight frequency increases in the future.

The general experience is generally good… The fact that you travel on direct flight at almost half the price is the most advantageous that you can get.

Do you fancy budget airlines too? Please feel free to comment including your experiences. Cheers!


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